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We are always available to advise and assist you as you navigate through the divorce process and divorce law. To make it a little more convenient for our clients, we offer an online divorce service, simply fill in the forms and we will get back to you. During the divorce process, our team of experts will conduct the divorce in the High Court of South Africa and do all the work for you. No matter where you are located, we can help you with your divorce.


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We are proud to offer this convenient service to our clients. Rest assured that all divorce papers are drafted by a divorce lawyer to your requirements. Complete the divorce form and we will get in touch and assist you in drafting your divorce pack.

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    Chrystelle Steyn

    Crystelle, a professional assistant at Neumann van Rooyen Inc. in the Litigation Department, is passionate about cases relating to family law, and her aim with each case is to provide exceptional services for her clients. She has recently been appointed as a Director.

    Dries Knoetze

    Dries knows that being an attorney is not a 9 to 5 job and as such he is almost always available for his clients. He is passionate about the law and aggressively litigates on behalf of his clients. Despite his aggressive litigation style, Dries prides himself on being ethical and impartial when dealing in all matters. Whether it is a normal civil matter or a complex High Court case, Dries applies the same focus and precision.

    Puleng Valentine Thladi

    Puleng was inspired to become a legal professional by participating in the Take a Child to Work Day initiative in 2003. As a Director, she incorporates the knowledge she acquired from university with the experience which she gained in practice.
    She specialises in criminal and civil litigation and has a great passion for family law, including divorce cases, maintenance and custody.